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Nob Hill Dental Center is located about 10 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Our team of award-winning dentists specialize in all phases of dentistry, including, ceramic fillings, crowns and veneers, all of which can be completed in one hour.  Root canals in one hour, cosmetic dentistry that we design to your own personal wants and needs, and dental implants often placed in one hour.

If you’ve been having pain from your teeth or gums, we will make sure to see you immediately.  And we may have more effective  treatments  for your headaches, sinus problems or neck pain, 

If your lips, neck or cheeks are beginning to show signs of aging, we have an array of solutions for you.  We Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm and Voluma, as well as other treatments, to bring back that youthful glow.

And if you’re scared of the dentist, we make our “Magic Pill” and “Magic Elixir” available to soothe you.

We know that everyone is different.  Our goal is to provide you expert dental care in a modern, pleasant, caring environment that’s suited to your wants and needs.  This means using state-of-the-art dental equipment along with time-tested approaches to dental medicine.

We make sure  you always leave with a smile on your face.  And that it’s the right smile for you.

More About Us

Comfortable Dental Care

Comfortable Dental Care means trust, confidence, and expertise. All of our patients should trust that we are giving them the best medical advice based on the best training and expertise, so they can make confident decisions about their dental health.

High-Tech Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

Technology is a commonplace in our daily lives. It has had a tremendous impact on medicine, taking us farther than we ever thought. At Nob Hill Dental Center, we are equipped with sophisticated technology that allows us to perform previously invasive and painful procedures with minimal invasion and the least amount of pain.


Friendly and Competent Dentistry

Nob Hill Dental Center is a community of family doctors. When you join this community, we treat you like family. That means you get friendly and competent dentistry built of trust and honesty.

What people have to say!

I had my tooth pulled today by the best dentist in the entire world. I did not feel 1 one ounce of pain. Dr. Kathy is Phenomenal and the staff was outstanding too! I am extremely satisfied with my service. Nikkettia B.
I love Nob Hill Dental Center. I had been looking for a dentist for several years after my dentist retired and I have noe found a dentist for life! Thank you for your caring staff and modern technology.Diane B.
The most amazing staff! They are always willing to meet your needs as best they can! Clean office! Great group of people! I would recommend everyone I know to this office!!!Cassandra H.
Nob Hill Dental Staff

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