White teeth

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We all know that a beautiful attractive white smile can add to your success.  And a beautiful attractive white smile will certainly make you and those around you happier.   So it makes sense that almost everyone wants to know how they can get that white smile without spending a ton of money.   Well, here are the secrets known only by most dentists and dental hygienists.   From most simple and basic to most complicated and expensive:

  1. BRUSH YOUR TEETH!  Pretty simple and basic.  You can’t imagine how many people expect that they can get a white smile without brushing their teeth regularly.  So here are my rules:   Use a soft or extra-soft powered toothbrush.  Brush twice a day.  Once in the morning after breakfast.  Once at night before bed and after your last snack for the night.  Flossing is important to get the crud out from between the teeth, but has very little effect on whitening.  [I’ll discuss the case against floss in another blog]
  2. Have your teeth professionally cleaned.  Often, stains will accumulate on tooth enamel.  Given long enough, the stains will actually embed themselves into the enamel pores and become impossible to remove by simple toothbrushing.  Dentists and especially Hygienists are trained in how to remove these stains.
  3. Try one or more of the bleaching toothpastes.  I have found that Aquafresh Whitening toothpaste and many of the “baking soda and peroxide” toothpastes help whiten the teeth.
  4. If your teeth are not yet white enough, try one of the commercially available tooth whitening products.  Crest Whitestrips come to mind.  There are others that may be effective.
  5. Finally, ask your dentist or hygienist what is available from them.  There are many safe and very effective tooth whitening products and procedures that may be offered by your dentist.Marian-FinnkDr-KramerNob-Hill-Dental-Center-Dentist-33322-Sunrise-Florida