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A few days ago, our Proctor and Gamble representative came into our office to demonstrate to us the latest, greatest toothbrush from Oral B.  This got me thinking:

Isn’t it interesting that after over 40 years of providing cutting-edge dental care to populations in both Warren, Michigan and Sunrise, Tamarac and Plantation Florida, I can’t remember one patient ever asking me “Doc…. What kind of toothbrush do you recommend?”

My thinking says that the reason for this is that patients may be afraid to ask, or maybe they have their favorites and they really don’t care about my opinion.  So I’ll express my opinion here:   I prefer an electric toothbrush that has extra-soft bristles, and has at least one round moving head that reciprocates (1/4 turn right followed by 1/4 turn left) and runs at about 60 cycles per second.

Did you ever notice that the polishing head that your hygienist uses is round? Sometimes she may use a bristle brush. Sometimes a rubber cylinder. Always round. Ask me why….. The answer is because the edges of your gums are semi-circles where they attach to your teeth. And it is in the grooves between your gums and your teeth that gum disease will begin. [And you thought she was just polishing your teeth so they look prettier].

As dentists, our greatest concern with adults is the prevention of gum diseases. And most gum diseases begin with small infections at the edges of the gums where food most often collects, breaks down into bacterial plaque and calcium deposits, and is most difficult to remove (other than between the teeth, which we will discuss in a later article).  This crud will attract bacteria which, over time will multiply in such great numbers that they begin to eat away at the attachment between your gums and teeth, then continue to build deeper and deeper ditches there until they begin to eat away at your jawbones and cause massive infections.  Our job is to prevent this from happening to you.  This is why we recommend periodic checkups and cleanings, even when nothing hurts, breaks, or looks bad.  Early gum disease rarely hurts or looks bad.

So, to get to the point, my all-time favorite toothbrush was the Crest Spin Brush Pro with Extra-Soft bristles.  Price at most big-box stores: $10.00.   But not too long ago, Crest sold this brand to Arm and Hammer, and since then I have had a very difficult time finding Extra-Soft bristles.

So I have chosen to acquire and offer this just-released line of new generation Oral-B power brushes that provide Extra-Soft bristles, rechargeable battery, visible warning if you’re brushing too hard (yes you can), and  Bluetooth connectivity to your iPhone or Android app that will measure and report your brushing habits.

Now someone ask me “Why Extra-Soft?”

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