Not The Best Thing For Your Missing Teeth (Part 4)

Bella Kramer Uncategorized

If you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series, you have some idea of why you might want to replace your missing teeth, and many of the ways we use to replace missing teeth.

Part 4 brings us to the end, or nearly the end, of the road for missing teeth.  You’ve lost all your teeth.  Or you must lose all your teeth.  The only thing we have left is the Denture.  That mouthful of plastic teeth and gums that my dad ran out and got the first time he experienced a toothache.  That thing my mother used to take out of her mouth to scare her grandchildren into brushing their teeth.  That thing that about 22 million American men and women wear every day.  The least best, yet good-looking replacement for those who are missing all their teeth.

There are lots of reasons people end up losing all their teeth and wearing dentures.  Fear of the dentist.  Fear of pain or injections.  Untreated gum disease.  Individual missing teeth that aren’t replaced.  And money, to name just a few.

For some people, no matter how often I recommend that they replace their missing tooth or teeth, they aren’t concerned.  “It’s a back tooth.  No one will notice.”  Or “I can still chew just fine.”  Or “I just won’t smile as big.”   Teeth just don’t seem to be that important to some people.  Until they’ve lost them all.  Or they lose their first front tooth.  Then they’re concerned when it’s too late to keep what they might have kept.

If teeth and your oral health has gotten to the point that you are must wear a denture.  Or if you wear a denture and you find that it really doesn’t feel like your teeth used to, that you can’t chew or taste food like you used to, that it constantly comes loose, or that it causes pain, take heart.  We now have the ability to place implants into your jawbones that act like tooth roots, hold tight to your denture, preserve your jaw bones, and allow you to chew and taste food like you did before you lost your teeth and got dentures.  Our Implant Specialist is outstanding.  And the teeth you get that attach to your implants will serve you very well for a very long time.

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