I Got a Cold

Bella Kramer Uncategorized

Here I am, stuck at home with a cold.  I don’t want to spread my germs to my dental staff or my patients.  I hate colds.  Sniffles.  Drippy, stuffy nose.  Sneezing.  Coughing.  Cold.   My go-to when I have a cold is TV.  And I’ve been watching mostly movies all morning.  Until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Then I turned to the morning news.   Horrible politics.  So I decided I’d sit down here and write to you about my cold.  I figure that not many people are reading my blogs anyway.  So why shouldn’t use my blog to complain a little?

The funny thing is that, while all I was going to do was complain, I did think of something that relates to what we do.  For some reason, I’m noticing that the gunk that usually sticks to my teeth after a day of not brushing, seems to stick quicker and hold harder when I have a cold.  I brushed a couple of hours ago, and my teeth now feel like they’ve spent the night baking on gravy.  Ugh!  Maybe we should run a study on how our saliva and the bacteria in our mouths change during a cold.  Maybe we can come up with something to make us feel better quicker.  Maybe not.   But I sure want to feel better quicker!

Remember, at Nob Hill Dental Center, you will never see me sick!”

Here’s to all of you staying in good health during this late virus and cold season.