About Money

Bella Kramer Uncategorized

We know that for many of you, dental care can seem expensive.  And for those of you who need extensive care, it can actually BE expensive.   Especially for those who might have had no idea they had hidden problems like gum disease, bone infections, or tooth decay.

Because of this, we offer many things intended to help you through the money process.

First, we accept the vast majority of dental plans that are offered in our area.  Plus we accept many plans from other states for our patients who visit from those states.  We will confirm your membership with your plan.  We will determine to the best of our ability, the coverages in those plans.  We will estimate treatment costs based on our agreements with those plans.  We will present a clear and concise description of your needed treatment, along with the estimated costs.  We will fill out your claim forms and forward them on to your plan.  We will even fight in your behalf should your plan be lax in their payment of your benefits.

Second, if you do not have a dental plan, we offer a “Smile Umbrella” dental plan through our office.  Most of our uninsured patients find this plan to work to their benefit.

Third, we have sources of funds (as I write this, the interest rate is 0%) that can give you monthly payments that  suit your needs.

So if money is one of the sticking points that’s holding you back from caring for your teeth or getting that beautiful smile, contact us at Nob Hill Dental Center and have a conversation about your issues.  Our staff loves to listen.