Advice From An Old, Tired Dentist!

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So far we’ve discussed Teeth Whitening, Decay Prevention and Toothbrushes.  I think I have the beginnings of my new book here.  Maybe I’ll title it “Advice From An Old, Tired Dentist!”

About 5 years ago, I did write a book titled “How To Save Money At The Dentist”.   It was written in 2009 during the depths of the Great Recession.  I wrote it to get the word out that, even though times were tough, and it looked like things would get worse, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to an economic recession.  And if you don’t think neglecting your teeth and gums is one way of neglecting your health, you’d better think again.

Before I could publish the book (yes, I had a publisher), I was distracted by my decision to build Nob Hill Dental Center in Sunrise, Florida.   But the points I raised in my book remain the same.

Small cavities in teeth that you may not feel today, lead to larger cavities in teeth that you will feel tomorrow.  If you’re lucky.  Because if you don’t feel the decay, it goes on the infect the nerve/blood-vessel complex deep inside the roots of your teeth.  That infection can spread to your jawbones, then to your sinuses, down your neck, to your throat.   Every year there is at least one report of someone who has died as a result of infections that originated in the teeth.  And that’s just your teeth.

Your gums can become infected, too.  Unlike infections in teeth, gum infections don’t hurt.  Early on, you may notice some bleeding from your gums.  For some reason, most people don’t pay attention to blood that comes from their gums.  I don’t know why.   But gum infections can spread to infect the insides of your blood vessels and your heart valves.   (Have I got your attention yet?)   And I haven’t even mentioned the oral cancers that affect about 3% of the adult population.

Enough about the serious stuff.  No one wants to hear it.  Let’s just talk about the bad breath and stained teeth that gum disease and tooth decay will cause when they are neglected.   That’s bad enough.

So the point of my book was TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR MOUTH.  It’s pretty important to you.  Visit your dentist at least once a year.  Then take his or her advice.  It will serve you well.

Don’t have a dentist?  Call us.  We’re in Sunrise, right in the heart of Broward County.  Ten minutes west of Fort Lauderdale.  Five minutes north of Plantation and five minutes south of Tamarac.  We take care of pretty much all you’ll need.